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Individual Voice TRAINING

Usually students are looking for either:


Lessons// are longer term and focused on mastery of the voice as a versatile instrument through ongoing practice and lessons

Coaching// have a specific focus, such as performing at an upcoming event or preparing for an audition

Most voice lessons last an hour, beginning with a vocal warm up for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then we typically run through a piece of music you are working on and work through any challenges that come up. From there, lessons vary depending on your goals.

Have a big gig coming up? Working on writing a song? Auditioning for a choir? Working on playing an instrument while singing? That’s where lessons become highly individualized! I love teaching because I get to embark on a unique journey with each of my students.

NOTE: For online clients, I typically use Zoom, which is free for you. You simply need a good internet connection and ideally two devices: a phone, tablet, or computer to run the Zoom session, and a second device to play any backing tracks.


“I've been working with Rachel for about 5 months, and I can FEEL the difference!


Not only have I learned a lot, I'm feeling so much more confident with the idea of singing in public and gigging out! I highly recommend her for her knowledge, deep listening, and encouraging personality as a teacher!”


Group + Band


Stage Native band coaching works best for groups that have multiple singers (a lead vocalist and backup singers, or a group where various members trade verses, for example).


You might be a bass player with a nice voice, and you’re adding harmonies in your band but get vocally tired after a short set. Or you’re recording a new EP, but you’re having trouble getting your voices to blend well.


Maybe you want some input on more creative endeavors, like writing harmonies that are dynamic and avoid the cliché. Band coaching with Stage Native is unique to your group’s specific goals, which I can help you develop if needed.


“Rachel has a deep knowledge of vocal training and goes an extra ten miles

in making lessons that fit each individual.

She went above and beyond to find ways of working with a health condition that effects my voice and is very careful with what we work on. She took even more time to come up with warm ups that work specifically for me and helped me record it for the road.


I’ve even shared it with my bandmates and we all had a killer tour because of it.


Workshops + 


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