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Rachel Eisenstat is a Denver-based musician splitting her time between teaching, songwriting, recording, and performing. Vocal coaching and longer-term voice lessons with Rachel are enhanced by her ongoing work as a professional singer. Active in several voice pedagogy and music industry organizations, she incorporates personalized up-to-date information with each client.

Rachel is one half of the electronic pop duo Sugar Nova, with Luke Miller of Lotus. She has recorded two studio albums under the moniker Raven Jane and fronts the Janis Joplin tribute band Flower in the Sun. She has recorded session vocals and has been a guest performer with numerous local and national acts. She sings at weddings and other special events with the Diamond Empire Band.

Rachel has been gigging since she was ten years old. Long before her first voice lesson, she was a kid in a Led Zeppelin cover band. Since then, she has moved on from the tiny stage at the St. Anne’s Coffee House in her small Appalachian hometown to perform at iconic Colorado venues such as Red Rocks, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, the Fox Theatre, and the Oriental Theater. 

Rachel is a Level I certified Somatic Voicework instructor, and a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. She studied commercial contemporary music (CCM) with Kate Emerich, B.M., M.S., CCC-SLP. She previously studied classical and jazz voice under Dr. Debra Detwiler at Goshen College, where she also trained in music theory and classical guitar. Prior to launching Stage Native, Rachel was on the teaching staff at Performance High in Denver, CO, the Loveland Academy of Music in Loveland, CO, and the T.G. School of Music in Goshen, IN.

My Favorite Songs to sing

Go-to karaoke jam: Chain of Fools (Aretha Franklin)
Most fun Janis cover: Get It While You Can
Favorite original song: The Hunted 


  • Who should take voice lessons with Stage Native?
    Adults and teens who are at least 14 years old of any experience level (I am happy to refer younger singers to my colleagues who specialize in young voices). Both experienced and new singers are an integral part of the Stage Native community! The studio is usually split evenly between actively gigging/recording musicians and casual hobby singers. Many Stage Native voice clients work with me because I am a working musician myself, and I have experienced all the challenges that come up outside of lessons and practice time when you're actually on the road gigging or getting through long days of recording. It is my passion to help tie together what you learn in your lessons with what you experience on the stage or in the studio. New singers often tell me they love singing around the house but clam up around friends or family members, and they want to grow in confidence to sing freely in casual environments, join a community choir, do some songwriting, or just crush at karaoke. I believe singing is your birthright. You were born with a unique instrument, and it is one of my greatest joys to help new singers discover, claim, love, and share that inner voice.
  • What does a typical voice lesson look like?
    Lessons are 45 minutes or an hour, beginning with a vocal warm up for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then we typically run through a piece of music you are working on and work through any challenges that come up. From there, lessons vary depending on your goals. Have a big gig coming up? Working on writing a song? Auditioning for a choir? Working on playing an instrument while singing? That’s where lessons become highly individualized! I love teaching because I get to embark on a unique journey with each of my clients. For remote lesson clients, I use Zoom, which is free for you. You simply need a good internet connection and ideally two devices: a phone, tablet, or computer to run the Zoom session, and a second device to play any backing tracks.
  • How long do people usually take voice lessons?
    Some work with me on an ongoing basis for a variety of longer-term goals: expanding vocal range, increasing vocal endurance to get through tours with their voice in tact, or as a hobby to get their voice to a place they feel great about. Others work with me for as little as 2 or 3 months to work toward a specific goal: a performance at a friend’s wedding, an upcoming audition, or working through challenging material for a choir concert. The 4 lesson prep packs are a great option for these singers. More experienced singers might sign up for a one-off lesson here and there to address a very specific goal. These singers often schedule one drop in lesson at a time.
  • Does your studio hold regular showcases or recitals?
    Not yet! Many Stage Native voice clients are actively performing, writing, and recording. We work on singing skills and artistry that can be applied on stage and in the studio. For singers who don't have active performance schedules, I like to connect you to area open mics and karaoke nights so you can share your vocal gift in a low-key and supportive environment. Showcases may be an option in the future, depending on interest among all the Stage Native singers!
  • What does a typical band coaching session look like?
    Stage Native band coaching works best for groups that have multiple singers (a lead vocalist and backup singers, or a group where various members trade verses, for example). You might be a bass player with a nice voice, and you’re adding harmonies in your band but get vocally tired after a short set. Or you’re recording a new EP, but you’re having trouble getting your voices to blend well. Maybe you want some input on more creative endeavors, like writing harmonies that are dynamic and avoid the cliché. Band coaching with Stage Native is unique to your group’s specific goals, which I can help you develop if needed. Rates vary depending on your needs and location (I often travel to band rehearsal spaces, which is included in the rate).
  • Do you offer remote lessons?
    Yes! I serve remote voice clients both in the Denver area and across the United States. All that is required is a good internet connection and ideally 2 devices (such as a laptop and a smartphone) - 1 to run the video session through and 1 to play warm-up and backing tracks. You can schedule remote lessons right here on the web site under the Book a Lesson tab. Here are some of the reasons many of my clients actually prefer remote lessons: - they are not local to Denver - they avoid cross-town traffic - it's more comfortable to sing at home I prefer using Zoom because of the advanced audio settings that work well for music. I will walk you through these settings in our first lesson.
  • Do you offer in-studio lessons?
    If you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and live in the Denver area, there are limited in-studio lesson slots available each week. Please reach out to me at before booking to see if I have any in-studio openings!
  • What are your rates?
    Drop-In Lessons: 1 Hour: $85 45 Min: $70 4 Lesson Packages: 1 Hour: $80/lesson 45 Min: $65/lesson Stage Native Members: 1 Hour: $75/lesson 45 Min: $60/lesson Group or Band Coaching: Rates are dependent on specific needs. Contact me to discuss your needs and what you're looking for! Master Classes - coming soon: Free for Stage Native Members $20 for non-members
  • What are your teaching days & hours?
    Winter studio hours (roughly November-April): Mon-Thu, 10am-6:30pm Summer studio hours (roughly May-October): Tue-Thu, 10am-6:30pm Band coaching sessions can often be scheduled outside of these hours.
  • What's your cancellation policy?
    Once you book a lesson, you are reserving time in my studio that is no longer available to another client, and that I prepare for with your individual singing goals in mind. Therefore, all bookings at Stage Native Voice Studio are non-refundable. You may reschedule your lesson(s) 24 hours or more in advance. Lessons that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance as well as no-shows (arriving 15 minutes or more past lesson start time) will be billed at full price and not refunded.
  • What is your Covid-19 policy?
    I am fully vaccinated and boosted, and ask that any in-studio clients also be fully vaccinated. Because Covid-19 spreads easily via aerosols, and we inhale deeply as singers and expel more aerosols on an exhale than when we are speaking, singing is a very high risk activity for the spread of Covid-19. Singers may also not fully recover their breath support and vocal power, even after a mild case of covid. If you have not tried remote lessons, they are super fun! They are a really safe way to keep singing while we continue moving through this pandemic together.
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