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VOCAL expression.

You're Invited to the Stage

The stage is a home for singers to shed the performance of everyday life. When we step onto the stage, we often step into the truest version of ourselves, where we are free to express ourselves in powerful and raw ways that we don’t always feel permission to share in other spaces.


Whether you’re an experienced musician looking to take your vocals to the next level or a beginner who’s ready to discover your singing voice for the first time, I invite you to find your inner Stage Native through vocal training, band voice coaching, and vocal workshops.

Stage Native lessons and coaching are individually-tailored to each client, with a special focus on vocal health, breath support, and releasing tension to free up your natural singing voice. From there, we work together on your specific goals: vocal range expansion, mix voice development, voice placement, harmonization and ear training, microphone technique, stage presence, recording, music theory, and other skills to achieve a lifetime of healthy and confident singing.

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Rachel Eisenstat 

Hi! I'm Rachel, the founder of Stage Native. I’m a full-time singer, recording artist, and voice teacher. Years of gigging, studying music, and teaching have taught me a few things that are at the heart of my teaching philosophy:

  • We are all born singers - children coo and sing before they speak. No one should ever say, "I can't sing!"

  • Singing is a natural and universal means of human communication and connection.

  • Music is transcendent, and with hard work and dedicated practice, each of us has the capacity to channel that transcendence with our own unique voice.

The voice is a versatile instrument, and I focus less on specific genres and more on physical techniques that support vocal health so students can have confidence in their voices to achieve a variety of vocal styles.

WHAT my students SAY

“I had no idea there was so much nuance to singing until I started studying with Rachel.


She has so many years experience singing, and such a broad background of training, that I'm pretty sure I could get daily lessons for a year and learn something new every single day from her. I've actually felt myself improve after every lesson, and I enjoy working with her.”


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